Clermont Garden Club’s Educational Program was Saturday,  April 7, 2018 at 10am,  at Clermont Garden Clubhouse,  849 West Avenue,  Clermont,  Florida 34715.  Lisa Sanderson,  Residential Horticulture Extension Agent,  UF/IFAS Extension Sumter County,  discussed in detail “The Bulbs For Central Florida. ”


Mrs. Sanderson defined bulbs as compressed stems-possess nodes with buds and leaves enclosing a flower bud and thickened underground storage.   There are five different types of bulbs.

True Bulbs-  tunic ( Amaryllis)

non- tunicate (Lilies)

Corn solid mass of stem tissue with a terminal bud on top and axillary bulbs    (Gladiolus and Crocosmia)

Tuber- thickened underground stem           with many eyes (Caladium)

Rhizomes- thickened horizontal stems      (Iris, Ginger,  Canna)

Tuberous- roots are true roots- no              nodes/internodes  ( Dahlias,                          Ranunculus)


When choosing bulbs, Mrs. Sanderson emphasized,  look for the “Right Plant” and “Right Place.”  Also, consider things like pests, soil (ph), hardiness,  and persistence.   Think about cultural requirements and how the plant will be used.  Mrs. Sanderson shared ways to enrich your soul and help your plants stay healthy.


In the presentation,  Mrs. Sanderson showed the audience a variety of bulbs that grow and flourish in Central Florida.   She explained planting time, blooming period, full sun/shade, and type of bulb.


The presentation was well thought out,  well planned,  and specific to the topic, “The Bulbs For Central Florida.


This is the last Clermont Garden Club Educational Program for 2017/2018 program year.

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