New members of Clermont Garden Club, (CGC) had an opportunity, on November 14, 2018, to ” SEE” the ins and out of the gardening community while enjoying some tasty refreshments.

Clermont Garden Club member,  Tina Worrell,  shared a poem, ” My Garden Is My Sanctuary ” by Marie Church.  A great opening for the day.

Clermont Garden Club’s President,  Debra Smidt,  guided the new members through the hierarchy of the gardening community starting with the National Garden Club,  Inc., followed by the Deep South Region (Alabama,  Florida,  Georgia,  Louisiana,  Mississippi & Tennessee), next comes Florida Federation of Garden Clubs,  Inc,  then the 12 Districts of  Florida.   Clermont Garden Club is proud to be in District VII.

Debra continued by explaining Clermont Garden Club’s Purpose and Bylaws.

Clermont Garden Club member,  Marilyn Paone,  shared Clermont Garden Club’s history and interesting tidbits about the club.

Clermont Garden Club’s Executive Officers and Board Members explained the various duties and responsibilities of all the chairmen positions.

New members had a chance to mingle with long-standing members, of the club, during a question and answer session.

New members were encouraged to find their nitch in the club and become active members.

Clermont Garden Club members meet, every third Wednesday of the month, in the clubhouse located at 849 West Avenue,  Clermont,  Florida 34711.  Meetings begin at 10:00 A.M.  New members and guests are warmly welcomed.

Clermont Garden Club is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.


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