Clermont Garden Club was one of the many supporters of the 2nd Annual Spring Festival,  May 5, 2018, hosted by The Pink Bow Foundation.


The Pink Bow Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) organization.   The Pink Bow Foundation works to reduce the burden of homelessness on teenagers through direct action,  education,  and enpowerment.


Clermont Garden Club members,  Carol Walker, Blanche Gibson, Elaine Hogan,  and Cindy Simon hold the flower wreaths they created for the Clermont Trolley.


Cindy Simon (left) and Carol Walker (right) work on flower wreaths for the Trolley.


Elaine Hogan (left) and Blanche Gibson (right) decorate a wreath for the Trolley.


Clermont Garden Club members,  Cindy Simon,  Elaine Hogan,  and Pat Richardson stand behind the decorated Clermont Trolley displaying the beautiful flower wreaths created by the Clermont Garden Club members.


Clermont Garden Club’s Debra Smidt,  President,  Elaine Hogan,  Treasurer,  (not pictured) and Gwen Carter,  First Vice-president proudly lead the Orange Blossom Bonnet Parade.


Lin-Lin Lin and Jo Fleming worked in the Education Tent.  Lin-Lin Lin, pictured below, demonstrated how to plant a beautiful container planter.  First, start with a Thriller, a tall plant.  Next, put low growing plants to fill the container,  called Fillers.  Lastly,  plant flowers that will flow over the container,  Spillers.



Jo Fleming shared various techniques on how to propagate healthy succulents.


Clermont Garden Club sold decorative flower pots, garden gloves, and potted plants.  All monies raised are used to sponsor the Wekiva Youth Program, SEEK (Save the Earth’s Environment  through Knowledge), and ECHO (Educational Concerns for the Hungry Organization).


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