Clermont Garden Club was educated on the ways and benefits of Feng Shui by our own Clermont Garden Club sister, Dorothea Zajaczuk.  Thea was Clermont Garden Club’s March 21, 2018 speaker.


Thea introduced the audience to the Feng Shui Bagua map (also called PaKua).  The Bagua map is a symbol of abundance,  a powerful tool for manifesting our dreams and goals by way of natural energy flow chi.  Thea demonstrated how the Bagua specifically shows which areas of your home connect to specific areas of your life which you may desire to change or improve.   Everything should be decluttered,  repaired, and if you have something borrowed,  Give It Back.  lol


Thea shared ideas on how to Feng Shui our homes starting with the front door.  The front door should be visible,  have a good light source,  covered, balanced, and have something to capture a child’s attention.  Most importantly,  you should look at your door and feel great to be home.


Once you’re in your home, take time to look through your windows and check out how your garden looks.  Enjoy your garden from the inside.


Water, an element of Feng Shui,  shared Thea, is associated with money $$$$.  Water should flow into the home not away from the home.


Another important rule of Feng Shui is the placement of your bed.  Beds should be placed where you can see your door.  Nothing should be bearing down on you. Bedrooms shouldn’t have an electronic magnetic feel,  such as computers,  video, etc.


Thea also talked about bathroom Feng Shui.   Bathrooms have at least  3 water sources.   Thea showed how stones are used in the bathroom to slow down water flow out of the home, thus, slowing down money leaving the home.  Plants in the bathroom up lift energy.   Feng Shui emphasizes keeping the toilet lid down and the door closed.


Thea showed examples of power items to display in your home.  Such items as a picture of a beloved family member,  a personal box of dreams and goals,  Crystal’s, plus chimes, when tapped,  send out waves to smooth out the energy.   All these things help design a beautiful harmonious home with good chi.


Finally, thanks to Thea, like the monks who developed the Bagua, we can develop and maintain a solid internal balance and flow to open up all possibilities to achieve calmness, stillness,  clarity, and prosperity.


Clermont Garden Club meets every third Wednesday of the month at 10:00 A.M. at the clubhouse,  849 West Avenue,  Clermont,  Florida 34711.  New members and visitors are warmly welcomed.





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