20180105_112434Clermont Garden Club members had an opportunity to have a guided tour of Russell’s Bromeliads Nursery in Clermont Friday, January 5, 2018.


Russell’s Bromeliads got its start over 30 years ago.   Russell’s Bromeliads is a wholesale grower, importer, exporter, and distributor of Tilliandsias  (air plants ) of the Bromeliad family.   They grow many air plants from reproductive off-sets and seed germination.   Russell’s Bromeliads is one of the biggest Tilliandsia Nurseries in the country with 200 varieties and thousands of plants in their 3 humongous green houses.


As we strolled through the greenhouses with Tilliandsia experts, Bill and owner, Mike Salvi,  they explained and demonstrated how to propagate and care for air plants.   The staff was very friendly and eager to show us how to locate the babies on the mother plant and carefully remove the babies from the mother to start new plants.


Russell’s Bromeliads also sells hand made Tilliandsia creations and materials to create your own design.


What a great time learning about the many varieties of Tilliandsias.


Carol and Ruth20180105_112338Russell's 1 Russell's 9


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