Clermont Garden Club’s, February 21, 2018, speaker was Melinda Joy Miller, Medicine Woman.  Melinda Joy shared techniques to create harmonious gardens that are good for the earth and people.


Melinda Joy explained the importance of choosing plants for your gardens that have multiple uses that are native, heirloom varieties,  edible, medicinal, spiritual,  and nutritional.   One of her examples,  the Moringa tree, is an exceptionally nutritious tree, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial.   Although, most of the members were aware of Moringa’s health benefits, we were surprised to learn that Moringa has:

4 times more calcium and 2 times more  protein than milk

7 times more vitamin C than an orange

4 times vitamin A than a carrot

3 times more potassium than a banana

A moringa tree is a great addition to your garden.


Melinda Joy showed members how to grow watercress and gave recipes for making coconut and almond milk.


Melinda Joy’s book, Shamanic Gardening :Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable Garden,  suggest more effective ways to garden with less work, less water, and less money.  By getting close to the earth and gardening from the heart, Melinda Joy says all gardeners are Shamans.


Melinda Joy inspires gardeners to honor the earth with a garden that nurtures the soul while looking out for the health of the earth for generations to come.




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