Arlene Rand, Clermont Garden Club member, shared her Dracena sanderia (Lucky Bamboo) plant with  Cooper Memorial Library for the month of  November.  Library volunteer, Linda Goff is standing next to the Lucky Bamboo. 

The Lucky Bamboo plant can be grown in soil or water.  There are advantages to both options depending on how much you are prepared to care for it. Too much soil or fertilization can actually harm your plant. However, if you are using tap water and it has fluoride and other chemicals, you may want to use soil and fertilizer to prevent yellow tips.

  • If you are growing it in standing water, you will need some pebbles to hold it upright. If in soil, try mixing a third each of sand, peat moss, and regular soil to ensure excellent drainage.
  • For water only, make sure that your plant has at least enough to cover the base of the roots. You should also change the water at least once per week to prevent the plant from rotting. It is a good idea to rinse the vase, pebbles, and plant each time you do this.
  • If you are growing the plant in soil, water the plant just enough so that the soil is moist.
  • Place the lucky bamboo in a warm spot where it will get indirect light. Keep an eye on how much light the plant gets – if anything, too little light is better than too much.
  • As the seasons change, you may want to move the plant. Take it away from any windows if you’re unsure. It’ll still get plenty of light in the center of a room.


Every month, from September through May,  a Clermont Garden Club member shares a potted plant with the library to promote horticulture awareness and civic beautification.


Clermont Garden Club members meet every third Wednesday of the month except, (holiday luncheon, scheduled field trips and end of the year luncheon), at the clubhouse located at 849 West Avenue,  Clermont,  Florida 34711.  Meetings begin at 10:00 A.M.  New members and guests are warmly welcome.


Clermont Garden Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


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