Pam Molesky shared a Fall themed container garden with the Clermont City Hall. She is pictured with Receptionist, Rose Ford.

The arrangement includes a Lucky Bamboo, Buddha Belly and a Mammy Croton.

Focusing on the Mammy Croton:

Croton houseplants need bright light to maintain their colorful leaves.  If there is insufficient light, new leaves are green not predominantly yellow, red, or orange.  Too much direct sun causes phototoridation, a condition that makes Croton leaves gray and dull looking.

Allow the top 205%-30% of the soil to dry out before watering.  Crunchy leaves indicate over-watering.  Leaves become soft and droop when your plant needs water.  When a croton is severely over or under-watered leaves drop off.

Crotons prefer temperatures between 60-80 F. High humidity is a plus.  A rich potting soil that is loose and drains well is suggested.

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