Clermont Garden Club members had an opportunity to stroll through Smiley Orchids on February 22, 2018, as owner, Smiley Promsurin personally described the endless sea of orchids.


Smiley Promsurin shared that her dream of growing orchids started when she was 6 years old in Thailand.   Smily’s greenhouses are filled with lots of orchids,  all colors, and all kinds.  Smiley’s nursery has about 100,000 stunning plants under 22,000 sq. Ft.


Most of Smiley’s orchids are for sale.  However,  her personal collection,  marked by colored ribbons, are not for sale.  It was interesting to see the thousands of Vandaceous growing without baskets.  Smiley explained, first, it’s cheaper to buy wire than a basket.  Second,  it saves space.  Third, the plants stay cleaner since no insects, spiders, roaches, or snakes can make homes in the wire.  Smiley has some jumbo vandals that are 20 years old.

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