The plant for the month of July 2021 was presented to the Cooper Memorial Library by Pam Molesky (right), a member of the Clermont Garden Club. Receiving the plant is student library assistant Kierston Bradley.

The DIFFENBACHIA Plant is a popular indoor plant that does well in shady conditions, but appreciates bright light. Loves fast-draining, well-aerated potting mix. They are generally green with splotches of creamy white through the leaves. The Diffenbachia grows well with soil that isn’t overly moist. Droopy leaves are usually a sign that the plant needs to be watered. It thrives in temperatures between 60-75*F. Houseplants like the Diffenbachia are scientifically proven air purifiers.

The Clermont Garden Club shares plants on a monthly basis with the library in order to foster community awareness and to connect the public to our programs, civic activities and community outreach.

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